Keeping the crowd 'cooooool'
A water fight on Wisconsin Avenue following the July 4th parade has been entertaining and drenching the crowds for over 90 years. 
The rules are simple: knock down or incapacitate the other team with a stream of water flowing at 120 p.s.i. through a 2 1/2" diameter hose.  
  And while the waterfights are now staged between two squads from the Tomahawk Fire Department, there once was "spirited" competition against other fire departments for possession of a traveling trophy or cash prizes. The New Glarus and Merrill Fire Departments are well remembered for the toughness of their teams.

Tomahawk battles the team from New Glarus, Wisconsin, in 1917.
Tomahawk and Merrill squads pouring it on in 1964.
Two Tomahawk teams facing off in 1996.