Here are a few tips and a little information to make our services work more efficiently for both of us...

Number your homes

The Tomahawk Fire Department asks that all residents mark their homes with the correct street address in a highly visible area. Sometimes it is difficult for responding personnel to locate the house number, especially in the more wooded areas and at nighttime. Please keep your numbers conspicuously posted so we can assist you in a timely fashion.

Dial 911... Fire - Medical - Police

911...these are the only numbers you need to remember in an emergency (threat to life or property). The 911 system is an enhanced system that gives the dispatcher your address on a computer screen as soon as you call. For all emergencies, please use the 911 system, be it for fire, medical or police. It is a very efficient system that will help protect you. For non-emergency calls please use the business number shown in your phone directory.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a tasteless, odorless gas that is a silent killer. The Tomahawk Fire Department recommends that each home be outfitted with a carbon monoxide detector, in addition to smoke detectors. If the detector is activated, our advice is to leave the house and call 911, especially if you or your family members feel ill. While we don't respond to CO alarms, Wisconsin Public Service is equipped to monitor your household in the event your detector goes into alarm. Please feel free to contact them at 800-450-7260 if you have any questions.